U Development


U-Development works with you and your society as a Project Management Consultant so that your self redevelopment project can be a sureshot success. We certify the work done by different agencies and also help with the management of various professionals involved in the project, arrange and manage the finances during the entire process, ensure the quality standards, overlook at all the Government norms and the legalities involved in the project and assist with the sales after completion of the project.

For Redevelopment projects led by the Self Redevelopment under U-Developement model, the housing society must

  • Assign Aum Developers as the Architect/Project Management Consultant for the task
  • Have a Redevelopment Committee formed
  • Let the developer give the terms in writing
  • Send a letter to the society


  • The society can enjoy a Hands-off approach
  • Aum Developer takes care of the process know-how, liaison network, construction expertise and funds management
  • With the least amount of intervention, the society members can avail benefits from the developer
  • In an U-development project, the society members have total control over the project regarding all the plans, designs and development standards. Amenities such as parking spaces, gardens, recreational areas can all be discussed and agreed upon by the residing society members as per requirement and benefits.
  • In the case of U-development of a housing society, the members have a higher chance of attaining larger extra space as compared to builder led redevelopment.
  • The funding from Mumbai District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd (Mumbai Bank) helps in managing rent allotment as per the convenience of the society members which is beneficial to all.
  • The most important advantage of U-development is that during the entire process, all the documentation and plans are in society’s name, i.e. the property rights are with the society and no one else can claim false ownership at any point. Therefore, the chances of fraudulent claims are negated altogether.
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