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Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

Radhakunj Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.

Radhakunj has become one of the most beautiful buildings in Khar and Santacruz suburbs and we are its proud occupants. The quality of construction is unsurpassable and the amenities provided are of the highest standards. Read More
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V R Valluri

Akash Co-operative Housing Society Ltd.

Akash is a beautiful building and we are very happy with the way our homes have been built. AUM Developers uphold integrity and reputation to the highest levels. I loved that they were easily accessible to us and they acquired the OC on time. They have paid attention to the smallest of details. Read More
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Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

Shobhana Apartment

Even after this being their debut project, The entire development process was completed within two years as agreed. Giving us more than we had asked for, of course, it was all possible because of their hard work and our intense cooperation at all stages. Read More
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Kishor Kothari

Park Heights

I sincerely thank you for handing over my flat on time and with such good quality work. I would like to appreciate the extraordinary quality of work you have done in this project. Read More
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Samir Surti

Prashanti, North Avenue co-operative Housing Society

We are satisfied with the cooperation extended by Mr. Sudhir Parikh and who have attended to all our needs without any hesitation. Thus we hereby send you our warmest appreciation and wish you the best for your forthcoming projects. Read More
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Ashok H. Gidwani

Shubh Jeevan Co-operative Housing Society

Ever since the redevelopment of SHUBH JEEVAN, we have had personal interaction The partners, Mr. Sudhir Parikh and Mr. Sahil Parikh who are personally involved with managing the work of redevelopment, are always a phone call away. Read More
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Zafar Saifullah


I have pleasure in recording on behalf of my entire family that we have been completely satisfied with the conduct, the attention and professional services rendered by both Mr. Sudhir Parikh and also by M/s Aum Shakti Associates. Read More
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Chairman, Secretary

Park Height Co-operative Housing Society

The builders have been absolutely fair, transparent. Moreover, the builders are excessively competent and I would highly recommend anyone opting for redevelopment to make them their first choice. Read More
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